SP6  - 6th International Conference on Semiconductor Photochemistry


Oldenburg is a dynamic, young, and innovative city with a tradition of more than 900 years in the north-west of Germany.
University of Oldenburg: Central Campus Oldenburg: Habor Oldenburg: Historical street in the city centre Oldenburg: Cyclist Oldenburg: Castle University of Oldenburg: Playing volleyball Oldenburg: Pedal boats in the castle garden Oldenbug: Many bicycles Oldenburg: Pottery market at the castle


Map with hotels, Information on social events, conference site and ground transportation.

All lectures and the poster-session will take place in building W32 of the University. This building is located in:

Küpkersweg 48
26129 Oldenburg


The closest international airport is in Bremen (BRE) (approx. 60 km).
Tram line 6 (direction Universität) departs form the arival terminal of the airport every 10 minutes within 17 minutes to the central station.
From the central station trains depart to Oldenburg frequently (ride time between 30 and 45 minutes).

There is also a taxi transfer system Luftibus available. Early check in via the homepage is necessary.
Ride time is approx. 40 minutes to Oldenburg.
Fare: 52.00 EUR for a oneway ticket, 94.00 EUR for a return ticket.

Further airports near Oldenburg are the ones in Hamburg (HAM) and Hannover (HAJ).
Ride time from these airports to Oldenburg is between 2 and 4 hours.

The fastest train connection from Frankfurt Main airport(FRA) to Oldenburg takes about 4 hours.
Frankfurt Airport has two railway stations. Please use the station for long-distance trains (''Fernbahnhof'').

Be aware: There exist two Oldenburgs in Germany. Oldenburg (Oldb.) is the correct one.

Ground Transportation:


Busline 306 connects the conference site every 15 minutes within 15 minutes busride with the city centre of Oldenburg. At the train station, bus 306 (direction “Universität”) stops at both exists (while it is easier to find the correct bus from the south entrance of the station). The conference site is at the terminus of this busline.

From Bus to Coffee:

It takes a 5 minutes walk on campus to the building, where the SP6-team is offering you a warm welcome! This walk is encoded in the Google-map above, just zoom into the map. The campus is covered with EduRoam Wifi, so your mobile devices should be online.

Click for a larger version of this guided map.

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